Why Schedule Regular 
Sign Maintenance?



Regular sign cleaning and sign inspection of your signs catches those deteriorating components before they become potentially dangerous. These can range from loose fastenings (which connect the signs to the structures and buildings), loose parts that could come free and fall causing injuries (especially in high rise locations), plugged drain holes in the bottom of the sign which allows water to accumulate causing premature deterioration of the sign, and electrical shorting within the signs that could result in fires and cause severe injury where high voltage transformers or ballasts are used. In older signs leaking PCB’s from the ballasts or transformers pose a serious hazard to the environment.

For way-finding and emergency signs, making sure they are in good condition, in place and properly secured, ensure that the information and directions are displayed to the public, which improves customer satisfaction and traffic flow (especially in high volume areas).

Your signs may have specific safety criteria that have to be included with the Scheduled Sign Maintenance Inspection. The location and the environment related to your sign location may require specific safety considerations and/or requirements that are custom to your Sign Maintenance Service (e.g. – playground areas, high rise building, airport or government access, security clearance, entertainment venues, specific times of accessibility to the sign, high traffic locations, specific service components and safety equipment requirements). 

We are a qualified Professional Sign Maintenance Company who has a safety program for their employees and who has proper safety certification for our equipment, which is crucial to ensuring your signs are safely serviced.


Companies can be found liable for damages and/or injuries resulting from a lack of proper maintenance of your signs.

Cost savings

Regular and proper maintenance of your sign(s) prolongs the life of the sign.

A proper Sign Maintenance Program would include an updated computer file reference for quick access for immediate information related to your sign(s) such as contact person(s), sign location, location of the power switches, security contact person and any specific component materials or equipment required to service the sign(s).

Having immediate access to this information reduces the amount of time that would be normally required for an on-call emergency sign service call where an initial trip is required to obtain this information and then return with the components required to repair the sign.

A regular scheduled inspection of your sign(s) will enable our sign service technicians to immediately report any sign service requirements before larger and potentially more expensive service requirements are needed and before any property damages or injuries occur.


Signs that are dirty, not fully illuminated, poorly maintained and in disrepair project a negative image to your clientele and also to your competition. This is further emphasized during the winter months when the illuminated signs are exposed to the public for longer periods of time.

Regular cleaning of the plastic or flex face materials, inside and outside removes the dirt and mould, which if left unchecked, can cause permanent damage and etching to the substrate. This causes blotching in the faces when the signs are illuminated, portraying a negative image.

Faces that are not cleaned on a regular basis deteriorate faster, resulting in them having to be replaced sooner. This is a very expensive cost which can be delayed or prevented by proper and regular cleaning and maintenance.

We have immediate and continuous contact with our crews for quick response to emergency service requirements.

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