Sign Maintenance

It’s never a good thing to look up at your company’s name on the side of a building and see some letters not working or your company’s logo dirty and faded.  Sign Fix Ltd. can give your organization piece of mind by providing a maintenance plan which suits your needs.

We can provide service on an “as  needed” basis or make it part of a regular yearly checkup. The choice is yours. The  bottom line is having one of your company’s most visible marketing pieces an object to be proud of rather than embarrassed by!

Our 7 Point Maintenance Checkup Program will help you to save money, keep your signs functioning safely, reduce your risk of liability and help keep your signs projecting the image you intended from the time they were erected. Download our 7 Point Checkup using the link below.

We have immediate and continuous contact with our crews for quick response to emergency service requirements. If you require professional service to your sign, contact us at (416-740-7333) or go to our Contact Tab to forward your inquiry via e-mail.

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